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Question:  I just had this year’s first conference with my son’s third grade teacher.  She observed that he was not reading well, and was clowning around during reading class.   She asked me to read with him.  I am waiting for your book to arrive, but is there anything else I can do now?

Lorraine’s Response:  His teacher gave you good advice but you can do even more.  It is time to identify what the specific problems are.   While waiting for the book, here are some suggestions for you:

When selecting books for him to read to you, choose topics that interest him.   Ask a librarian to help you find ones written at a second grade level.  You want him to enjoy reading, not to have to work hard at it.  If he misses a word, tell it to him and keep reading, so he doesn’t miss the thoughts.   Make a mental notes of the words; write them down later so you can later locate any similarity in the words missed – such as words with an e at the end.
Immediately make an appointment to have his eyes checked by an optometrist. Start observing him carefully when he’s reading, to see if he rubs his eyes, tilts his head, misreads words, etc.  If one can’t see well now or even in first or second grade, he will have problems learning to read.
When the book/reading program, You Can Teach Someone to Read arrives, read UNIT I called “Getting Started.”   Use the check lists to find out how your son learns and to see if he has a physical problem, plus much more.

In UNIT II you will guided through short, simple lessons and assessments to help you locate any missing reading skills, start building his confidence in what he already knows, and teach him reading skills he might have missed (for a variety of reasons).   I believe you will have fun together while you help your son improve his reading, since the lessons are full of fun.

When The Companion Workbook, a digital resource, has printouts of lists of words, game cards, charts, voiced “Silly Stories”, animations,  and more – all designed to make it easier and more relaxing for you both.


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